Strange Diets: Unusual Ways to Lose Weight People Came Up with

Not everyone who wants to lose weight is ready to adhere to old good rule «more sports, less calories» and try to invent their own, sometimes very strange ways to get rid of excess weight, which Canadian Pharmacy describes below.

Everyone to Bed!

They say that authorship of this diet belongs to Elvis Presley. Principle of losing weight is simple: to eat less, you need to sleep more, because when sleeping a person can not eat! To achieve this, the singer in the evening took a huge dose of sleeping pills and just overslept dinner. Alas, this method was not very effective. Before his death, the King of Pop weighed over a hundred kilograms with height 178 cm.

strange methods of weight lossHowever, some proportion of common sense in this way of fighting with hunger still exists. The fact is that lack of sleep is really capable of provoking appearance of excess weight. During sleep our body produces a special hormone – leptin, which suppresses appetite and at lack of sleep concentration of another substance increases in blood – ghrelin, the so-called hormone of hunger. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should take care that their sleep is full.

Only Forks are Working

Fans of this diet include in their menu only food that can be pricked on a fork and made without help of knife. Thus, soups, sandwiches (because they need to be made with a knife), nuts and other products disappear from the menu. This diet was ineffective, because almost all fresh fruit and dairy products disappeared from the ration. The result is predictable – lack of vitamins, constipation and other health problems.

However, correct cutlery really can help in the fight against excess weight. Canadian Pharmacy advises to try instead of usual spoons and forks to use dessert ones. With them you will eat much more slowly and will not miss the moment of saturation, which comes with some delay.

Chew, but Not Swallow

American man Horas Fletcher was rejected by insurance company to sell medical insurance because of excess weight of the client. Then Fletcher invented a very original method of losing weight. He thoroughly chewed every piece of food, but did not swallow it, but spit it out. The result was not long in coming. The great chewer (so Fletcher was nicknamed) became lighter by almost 30 kg.

Despite the fact that this method of losing weight is unesthetic and harmful for stomach, careful chewing food can still help to get rid of excess kilos. If you chew each piece for at least 30 seconds, food starts to seem tasteless and appetite disappears, to this conclusion scientists from Canadian Pharmacy came after a series of experiments.