SummerSummer, 34

I did order via Canadian Pharmacy not because I am lazy and just looking for medical supplies which rarely seen in ordinary pharmacies. Canadian Pharmacy site is well designed, with good interface, very easy to find the right product and to order. Each product has a description and application instructions. The range is very wide, from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics, from cheap to expensive goods. Prices in Canadian Pharmacy are magnitude lower than the others! Constantly there are discounts! Various methods of payment: cash to courier, credit card payment. After ordering, I received confirmation e-mail with order details. Everything is on the level!!! Thanks for work))))

victoriaVictoria, 28

Once parents have asked me to bring them to another city medications. As it turns out, that they are not easy to find. I walked around all pharmacies close to home, go especially in some large pharmacy in center, but failed, so I decided to search the Internet. I looked at different sites but stopped on Canadian Pharmacy: annpharmacy.com. because:

  1. Price. All drugs’ prices are lower than in other pharmacies. Moreover, they are held periodically shares with high discounts.
  2. Range. Very wide selection of medicines, I found everything here, what could not be found in regular pharmacies.
  3. Delivery. There delivery is international. So that my parcel was delivered to me within 5 days.
  4. Website. Easy navigation through the site, everything is intuitive, easy to use search for drugs.

So now if I plan to buy some pharmaceuticals, I do not even walk into a conventional pharmacy – right on site!

guestAnna, 36

For various reasons, it is convenient to use online pharmacies. I ordered several times on Canadian Pharmacy and I do not search for alternative.

There are pluses:

  • wide range of medicines, as well as cosmetic (happy to find hair products that are hard to find in a regular pharmacy);
  • “humane” prices certainly there are pharmacies cheaper (but privately they have long queues);
  • FREE delivery for an order of $150;
  • fast delivery.

guestJack, 45

I’m always skeptical about online shopping, and especially medications, but when my wife bares child I began to love everything with note “Home Delivery”, it is convenient and saves time, plus I do not have time to stay with child in the queue. And the most insulting, at the end of long standing, pharmaceutist said that this product is left.

So that, I decided to make online purchases, Canadian Pharmacy meets all my standards. Delivery is always in time, prices are always lower, quality – higher! I like everything of Canadian Pharmacy. I am not afraid of making orders via this online service and I recommend it for all!!!