ED: Treatment Methods

One of the most common diseases of male genitourinary system is erectile dysfunction, i.e. erection disorder. Often this disease is known as impotence and it is considered incurable, so most men are embarrassed, retire into shell and do not talk about this shameful disease, so they consider themselves losers, because erectile dysfunction affects self-confidence. Thinking over this situation takes all mental energy, and they focus only on their problem and experience mixed feeling of:

  • profound anger;
  • fear;
  • excitement.

Erectile dysfunction is a common disease and is found in half of men over 40 years old by different data and, despite all differences in people’s lives, statistical indicators of erectile dysfunction appearance are approximately the same all over the world.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

It is known that erectile dysfunction is not a disease, but only a diagnostic syndrome, which is signal that there are serious health problems, so immediate examination and treatment is necessary.

Several dozen potential erectile dysfunction causes are:

  • atherosclerosis (in various manifestations);
  • hypertension;
  • increased body weight;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Moreover, the latest scientific evidence has shown that erectile dysfunction is precursor of serious cardiovascular diseases (myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.).

To date, it is common to distinguish several types of erectile dysfunction:

  • vasculogenic (vascular) form;
  • psychogenic (due to experienced stress);
  • neurogenic (with diseases of nervous system and spine);
  • endocrine (with diabetes and in andropause – male “climax”).

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Erectile Dysfunction Features

The main ED features are:

  • difficulties in achieving or maintaining erection;
  • erection becomes weaker;
  • erection is achieved only by conscious effort;
  • morning erection becomes less frequent and hard.

One of factors impeding effective treatment is male unwillingness to consult a doctor. Erectile disorder is usually considered a personal problem, which nobody is told about. Also, some men think that erectile dysfunction is incurable, but this is not the case: in 95% of cases, erectile dysfunction can be cured by means of Canadian Pharmacy online.

As mentioned earlier, erectile dysfunction is not a disease itself, but merely a symptom of another disease, therefore, depending on diagnosis, therapeutic, medicative or psychological treatment is chosen.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


This method of treatment consists in taking medications, which was recommended by the attending physician – Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. The effect of drugs is aimed at increasing body tone, as well as increasing blood flow intensity in penile vessels.
Drug treatment, as a rule, is temporary and helps not all patients.


The cause of erectile dysfunction, in the first place, is pathological changes in blood vessels due to vascular system disorders. In case of revealing pathology of penile vessels, operative intervention is performed, which is aimed at increasing influx of arterial blood to penis and preventing venous outflow.
The effectiveness of this method of erectile dysfunction treatment is 20-80%.


Setting special prostheses in place of penile cavernous bodies is the most radical way to restore erectile function. Currently, there are several types of prostheses, and the simplest of them is semi-rigid rods, but today more complex devices are used, based on elastic cylinders, in which liquid is injected, and erection occurs.
The disadvantages of endoprosthetics include possibility of complications and complete irreversibility of operation.


Psychological forms of impotence treatment is carried out by psychotherapist who specializes on psychosexual disorders treatment.


Currently, pharmacies including Canadian Pharmacy offer a variety of means to increase erection, but it is worth to understand that prescribing medicines is the right only for a doctor. It is also worth noting that often under the means for erection biological supplements are sold, which are ineffective and can have unpredictable effect, because there is no likelihood that they have undergone serious clinical trials.