Canadian Pharmacy: Social Phobia Essence

What is Social Phobia?

Social phobia, or fear of society, is expressed in uncontrolled anxious fear, which not only complicates, but at times makes impossible social contacts between sick people. This disease (and this is precisely disease) originates, as a rule, in childhood. According to statistics, it affects up to 13% of people.

Social Phobia Essence

The main social phobia fear or symptom is what people will think about him? Canadian Pharmacy points out that people with social phobia are afraid of not close people: friends, relatives, but completely strangers.

Unfortunately, sensible idea that most people do not care about them, can not bring relief for such people. And it happens because fear of condemnation he feels is not real, but contrived.

Most often, a panic attack occurs in situations when it is required to:

  • meet someone;
  • call someone in authority;
  • talk with someone.

Well, need to speak in public or at least just to return clothes to the store is not a suitable thing for them – this is nightmare for socialophobias.

Social Phobia-What Is It-After all, as a rule, he takes all reactions of others at his own expense:

  • someone laughed out loud behind him – that means they were laughing at him.
  • someone muttered in ear – for sure, they whisper about him.
  • even compliments in his address social phobia sufferer often perceives as sophisticated mockery.

Therefore, he struggles to avoid contact, especially with strangers, which in extreme cases leads to complete isolation. Social phobia sufferers especially men often became addicted to alcoholism, women became housewives.

By the way, there is close relationship between obesity and social phobia – fat, in such a way people are protecting themselves from environmental world. To treat such obesity with diets and sports is meaningless – first you need to eliminate social phobia and obesity root cause.

Social Phobia Symptoms

The fear of someone else’s condemnation in social phobia is often accompanied by real vegetative symptoms, such as:

  • heart palpitations;
  • tremors;
  • face redness;
  • sweating;
  • muscle tension;
  • upset stomach;
  • dry mouth;
  • heat;
  • chills;
  • headache.

Social Phobia Root and Causes

The root cause of social phobia is in childhood. Parents of those children who blush when speaking at children’s matinees and are embarrassed to read rhyme to arrived guests, as a rule, do not worry. Such modesty in children will either go away over years, or grow into an ordinary healthy shyness. After all, natural shyness does not provoke social phobia at all.

The risk of social phobia is increased by quite different things.

First of all, these are:

  • conflicts in family;
  • experienced sexual violence;
  • deprived childhood in which child had to become the object of ridicule of peers.

But these are still rare things.

More common are other causes:

  1. excessive mother’s coldness – If children do not receive maternal love, or if mother (albeit with the best of intentions) constantly compares them to more intelligent and successful children, then, becoming adults, such people will be afraid of condemnation and criticism from community;
  2. parental overprotection – It’s no better than a parent overprotection. Crabbed, overpowered children, growing up and getting into society, subconsciously await the same admiration and approval from others. But often they do not receive it, because, as a rule, they do not represent anything special. It is not for nothing that they say that social phobia is a neurosis arising from a clash of inflated ambitions and low self-esteem.

What you are Afraid of – then do it – Social Phobia Treatment with Canadian Pharmacy

Social phobia is treated with Canadian Pharmacy drugs and behavioral therapy. The following drugs to eliminate vegetative manifestations are used:

But drugs are clearly not enough to achieve the best results in social phobia treatment. The main thing in treatment is to realize the unreasonableness of your fears and learn how to communicate.

All this is achieved in individual and group sessions with a psychotherapist. In addition to correct psychological attitudes that doctor gives, he also helps patient master ability to confidently hold on (straight back, raised chin, not looking at floor, not in direction, but in face to face).

In addition to “class” work, doctor also asks “work at home.” One of tasks, for example, is slow speech training (for half an hour a day). First you can perform this exercise alone with a mirror, then practice on your loved ones and further more.

Overcoming alienation is possible only in practice, and in those places and situations where anxiety arises most often. Only constant practice can help you achieve self-confidence.

What do you need to do this? Come to unfamiliar sympathetic people in cafe and get acquainted with them. Ask passersby how to find this or that house or street. The first to start a conversation with the authorities.

Many social phobia sufferers to overcome painful shyness and self-doubt such a technique helps as representing oneself as another character. When playing in life not yourself, but your antipode, it’s much easier to act more confidently. By the way, excellent option – to enroll in a theater studio. The art of reincarnation helps you look at yourself from outside and overcome your stiffness. By the way, many actors in childhood suffered from increased shyness, to get rid of which they could only on stage.