Male and Female Sexual Disorders

What are sexual disorders, which cause sexual dysfunction in men and women, which sexual dysfunctions are psychogenic, i. e. caused by neuro-psychic reasons, and which sexual disorders are of organic origin? And most importantly, can you cure sexual disorders?

Answer to these and other issues of sexual sphere visitors of Canadian Pharmacy website will receive in this article.

Sexual Disorders

In modern stressful world, sexual disorders occupy an extremely high level on the background of other psychosomatic disorders.

Main sexual disorders and violations in men and women are:

  • violations of sexual desire (decreased libido);
  • absence of excitement;
  • dysorgasmia (lack of sexual satisfaction);
  • problems with ejaculation.

male and female sexual dysfucntionMale Sexual Disorders:

  • premature ejaculation;
  • insufficient swelling of penis («weak penis»);
  • complete absence of erection;
  • male frigidity.

Female Sexual Disorders:

Women suffer from sexual disorders no less than men – the main female sexual dysfunction symptoms that psychotherapists treat are:

  • female frigidity (sexual coldness);
  • anorgasmia;
  • vaginismus (involuntary muscular spasm of vagina);
  • sexual aversion (fear or disgust);
  • weakening or lack of lubrication (moistening of vagina walls);
  • dyspareunia (pain in genitals during sexual intercourse).

Sexual Problems of Married Couples

Often, couples who have intimate relationships with a lot of sexual problems which do not allow developing of harmonious relationship in the family, ask for psychotherapeutic help.

Canadian Pharmacy considers the following sexual problems of couples (except those listed above):

  • lack of sexual fantasies, thoughts and desires of partners;
  • disharmony in interpersonal relationships;
  • inability of partners to freely discuss intimate difficulties;
  • limited repertoire in intimacy;
  • biological: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, alcohol and medications (especially antidepressants, tranquilizers, diuretics and lowering blood pressure); sometimes lack of sex hormones (testosterone and estrogen), as well as diseases affecting central and peripheral nervous system;
  • natural aging, as biological factor, affects only indirectly sexual dysfunction, i. e. at the age of just acquiring associated diseases;
  • psychosocial: stress, depression, anxiety, nutritional disorders, addictions, fears, anger, subconscious negative expectations and perceptions of oneself, various negative attitudes and beliefs;
  • also, lack of information and psycho-sexual education strongly influence sexual dysfunction.

Organic Causes of Sexual Disorders

In men:

  • prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
  • physical diseases of urinary system;
  • endocrine diseases.

In women:

  • diseases of endocrine glands;
  • gynecological problems;
  • diseases of nervous system;
  • psychogenic (neuropsychic) sexual disorders.

Psychogenic Causes of Sexual Disorders

Neuropsychological (psychogenic) causes of sexual disorders in men and women are more common in people with anxious-hypochondriac character, too sensitive and emotional.

  • In men: often there is a conditioned-reflective setting formed after experienced distress in sexual relations. For example, an unsuccessful first sexual intercourse, especially with criticism from a partner.
  • In women: psychogenic sexual breakdown often occurs because of psychoemotional trauma experienced in the past with opposite sex. For example, violence or negatively completed relationships.

Sexual Dysfunction

The main sexual dysfunction in men:

  • syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure (SAESF);
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • ejaculatory dysfunction;

The main sexual dysfunction in women:

  • libidinal dysfunction;
  • lubricating dysfunction;
  • orgasmic dysfunction.

Diagnosis of Sexual Disorder and Sexual Dysfunction

If you have any kind of sexual disorder (dysfunction), and you do not have psychological problems: depressive, anxious and other personality disorders and neuroses, or recently experienced emotional upheavals, Canadian Pharmacy recommends to first consult and take a medical examination: urologist, andrologist (for men), gynecologist (for women), endocrinologist and neurologist.

In absence of organic (biological) causes of the disease, or with their partial effect, it is necessary to seek treatment at therapist.

Treatment of Sexual Disorders (Dysfunction) in Men and Women

Treatment of sexual disorders, both in men and women, depending on genesis (origin), is carried out either medically or psychotherapeutically, and also, in case of mixed cause, in a complex way, by taking pharmacological preparations, psychotherapy and psycho-physical exercises – psychotraining.

Medicamentous treatment of sexual disorders

If you have been diagnosed biological (organic) sexual disorder, treatment will be carried out medicamentally, depending on dysfunction. In some serious cases, it is necessary to resort to surgical treatment.

Psychological (psychotherapeutic) treatment of sexual disorders

At psychogenic origin of sexual dysfunction, various types of psychotherapy are used: rational, cognitive and behavioral therapy, transactional psychoanalysis.sexual disorders in detailComplex treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions

In many cases of sexual disorders, both in men and women, integrated approach to treatment is used. Because often the problem arises from biological or mental problem and is reinforced by emergence of new emotional and psychological distress – there is a vicious circle of sexual problem.

In such cases the best option is when doctor treats his problem, and psychotherapist his; plus – change in lifestyle, physical and psychological exercises.