Erectile Dysfunction in Detail: Causes and Methods of Treatment

Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a very urgent and actual male problem. More ad more young people get this disease. This makes you wonder: why do guys get erectile dysfunction?

Read in the article:

  1. What is erectile dysfunction? Types of impotence;
  2. Signs of erectile dysfunction;
  3. Erectile dysfunction causes;
  4. At what age does erectile dysfunction start?
  5. Erectile dysfunction in young men;
  6. Erectile dysfunction diagnosis;
  7. Erectile dysfunction treatment;
  8. Erectile dysfunction natural remedies;
  9. Prevention of erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction? Types of impotence

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is considered a condition caused by the impaired ability to get erection.

All male population can get impotence sooner or later. To some extent, this problem affects about a third of all men in the age group from eighteen to sixty. This is quite official data and a result of statistical research.

The situation is greatly aggravated by the fact that men refuse to admit that they have potency problems and do not hurry to seek help from qualified specialists.

Erection is an extremely complicated physiological process and consists of a long chain of successive reactions. Erection depends on a number of mechanisms: psychogenic, vascular, neurogenic, organic.

Canadian Pharmacy has identified erectile dysfunction classification, based on violations of a particular level:

  1. Organic ED. This type of erectile dysfunction means violation of sexual arousal processes. It is characterized by a slow development of symptoms. First, erectile dysfunction can be periodic, and eventually become more frequent. A specific feature of this ED type is that sexual attraction remains the same;
  2. Psychogenic ED. This type means a violated formation of an exciting impulse due to neuroses, depressions and so on. Erectile dysfunction occurs suddenly with a spontaneous morning and night erection;
  3. Mixed ED. This type combines the two previous ones and is the most frequent form of impotence.

Signs of erectile dysfunction

  • Erection is absent with a preserved sexual arousal, lack of spontaneous morning and nocturnal erection;
  • Weak erection, associated with a lack of hardness of the penis, a decrease in the frequency of erection;
  • Premature ejaculation, sometimes even before the start of sexual intercourse.

Erectile dysfunction causes

What are the most common causes of impotence?

Erectile dysfunction can develop both as an independent disease or as a sign of some other pathological conditions.

What are the most common causes of impotence?

  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Overweight;
  • Endocrine pathologies – impaired functioning of the pituitary gland and gonads;
  • Psychological problems. Male sexual disorders are most often associated with psychological trauma in childhood and adolescence. Young people should seek help from specialists, but adult men are quite capable of treating erectile dysfunction on their own.
  • Neurological disorders. If there is a lesion of the nervous system, numerous pathologies can develop. These are a number of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, intervertebral hernia and some others. All of them are dangerous as they can affect the passage of nerve impulses into cavernous bodies;
  • Liver failure;
  • Excessive physical activity;
  • Male sexual diseases;
  • Alcohol intoxication, smoking, use of narcotic substances;
  • Certain medications (antidepressants, tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs). In this case, you can very easily solve the problem by replacing the drug with an analogue that does not have such a side effect;
  • Injuries – post-traumatic occlusions of small pelvic vessels or fractures of the soft tissues of the genital organ.

At what age does erectile dysfunction start?

Erectile dysfunction always scares men. Therefore, many men are interested: at what age does erectile dysfunction occur?

It is not quite true that the disease is age-related and develops due to the natural slowing down of physiological processes. Long-term study of patients shows that impotence can develop in almost any age category.

If we rely on the official data provided by the World Health Organization, we can say that the risk of erectile dysfunction begins to increase after the age of twenty. The risks are systematically increasing in the age from 30 to 50 almost twofold.

Of course, male potency greatly depends on the lifestyle, heredity and some other factors.

Erectile dysfunction in young men

Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction in young men occurs more often nowadays.

Male sexual function is affected by:

  • Bad habits;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • frequent stresses;
  • certain drugs.

Also, irregular sexual life or prolonged periods of abstinence are extremely detrimental.

Erectile dysfunction in young men can be successfully treated, because the main reasons for erectile dysfunction at a young age are psychological. In some cases, you can even cure impotence on your own, but the better option is to seek help from an andrologist.

Erectile dysfunction diagnosis

ED diagnosis begins with a detailed interview of the patient. In this case, the doctor takes into account conditions, which may also be the cause of the disease.

  • Ultrasound can evaluate the blood flow in the penis and its intensity, determine the vascular changes. Before the procedure a doctor can enter a special stimulant – prostaglandin – to cause erection. And then with the help of an ultrasonic sensor he tracks the blood pressure in the vessels and the extent of their expansion. Then he does a comparative analysis;
  • Special sensors for recording erection at night;
  • Biotesiometry. Use of vibration to detect the sensitivity of the penis. Weak response may indicate impaired innervation. It can be caused by age-related changes, diabetes mellitus or various kinds of neuropathies;
  • Rectal examination to assess the condition of the prostate and rectum;
  • Magnetic resonance imaging of the penis to examine its structure;
  • Analyzes for hormones (gonadotropins, prolactin, estradiol, testosterone);
  • Laboratory research of sperm.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

ED treatment

Treatment of impotence will depend on the cause that caused it. If this is a disease, then it is necessary to treat it primarily. If the reason is psychological, then help with a therapist.

There are special medications and folk remedies that effectively help in the fight against this problem.

Also, one can not underestimate the effectiveness of a special therapeutic diet, which will be shown to patients with sexual dysfunction.

Best drugs for erectile dysfunction: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra from Canadian Pharmacy.

These drugs produce effect on the cavernous tissue. They have a relaxing effect and expand the cave bodies of the genital organ, increasing blood flow and improving blood supply. As a result, a natural erection occurs.

The most popular cure for erectile dysfunction is generic Viagra (Sildenafil) 100 mg. One tablet should be taken one hour before sexual intercourse. However, Viagra has side effects ad contraindications. This medication can trigger stomach ache, eyesight deterioration, depressive state.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra is not compatible with alcohol, fatty foods, other PDE5 inhibitors.

Viagra overdose is dangerous, because it leads to a prolonged erection – priapism. And this has an extremely negative effect on health.

Recently, new generation drugs for erectile dysfunction have appeared on the market that have a similar mechanism of action.

Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) 20mg is a strong drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. But the drug is contraindicated for use in the presence of heart diseases and gastrointestinal pathologies.

Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) 20mg lasts 10 times longer than Canadian Pharmacy Viagra. The drug is taken 10 minutes before sexual intercourse and works for 36 hours!

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies

How to treat erectile dysfunction at home? There are many male potency natural remedies and they can be combined with traditional drug treatment to achieve excellent results. Some herbs and vitamins for erectile dysfunction have contraindications, so consult your doctor before using them.

Best natural remedies for boosting male sexual potency:

  • Bee products. Royal jelly and pollen can not only significantly increase potency, but also improve the overall well-being of the body;
  • Carrot juice. The use of fresh juice with honey will help solve male problems;
  • Rhodiola rosea extract;
  • Tincture of Eleutherococcus. This tincture should be taken three times a day to achieve the desired effect;
  • Tincture of Chinese magnolia vine prepared from dried fruits. You need to use it three times a day;
  • Honey with walnuts -a mixture of buckwheat honey and walnut kernels;
  • Parsley and coriander. You can use this greens both in fresh and dried forms;
  • Fresh onions;
  • Decoction of hops cones – half a glass twice a day.

Male potency foods

Treatment of erectile dysfunction includes a special diet. Proper balanced nutrition is an important element of therapy. Refuse sugar and products from white flour. The male diet should include:

  • Dates;
  • onion, garlic;
  • vegetables (tomatoes, celery, carrots);
  • tea with rose hips;
  • honey and other bee products;
  • goat milk;
  • vegetable oils;
  • nuts.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

  1. If you have any erectile dysfunction symptoms, do not ignore the problem and immediately visit a doctor;
  2. Refuse bad habits;
  3. Start physical activity, avoid sedentary lifestyle;
  4. Control your weight, avoid obesity;
  5. Take a biochemical blood test regularly, monitor the cholesterol indicators. If you have diabetes, follow the level of glucose;
  6. Monitor blood pressure;
  7. Proper nutrition.

Remember that erectile dysfunction is treated more successfully at the earliest stages. So, you should start treatment as soon as possible. And the best option is to prevent the disease.