Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy General Terms

Canadian Pharmacy is online pharmacy selling and shipping generic drugs internationally. Our online pharmacy gains more and more customers worldwide that’s why we follow strict anti-spam policy.

What We Consider Spam

Canadian Pharmacy considers any mass mailing to subscribers or recipients without their prior consent to receive as spam.No Spam

How We Respond to Spam

We make every effort so that messages from our service successfully reached destination, so to prevent unsolicited messages, we will:

  • put on mandatory pre-moderation of all outgoing mailing (we guarantee fast shipment for a few minutes);
  • exclude users who are trying to carry out spamming;
  • forbid mail to addresses that have not given their express consent to receive communications with Canadian Pharmacy;
  • every sent email-message must contain reference to distribution refusal;
  • continuously monitor public black lists, and immediately take steps to remove them from our mail servers.

Complaints about Spam Received from Canadian Pharmacy

If you have received spam with any Canadian Pharmacy indication, please let us know by e-mail to Attach to letter received unwanted message, and select the date and time the message was received.

We do not cooperate with organizations or individuals engaged in unwanted e-mail by email-message unconfirmed email-addresses (ie, spam). Such problems will be solved immediately.