Depression Treatment & Myths about Depression

Depression TreatmentDepression is a disease, so it should be treated by a doctor. And it is not recommended to postpone depression treatment – depression can last for months and years, which certainly leads to dangerous conditions.

Depression therapy is carried out in two directions:

  1. Taking Canadian Pharmacy antidepressants. There is no way you should take antidepressants without consulting a doctor. Depression can be treated by various means – the choice of the attending physician will depend on several factors;
  2. Psychotherapy for depression. Treatment of depression with even the most effective medicines will be inadequate without it. The goal of this therapy is to teach a person to control his own emotions. And this is impossible without the active participation of the patient. It is necessary to conduct several preparatory / introductory sessions so that the patient can trust the doctor and talk about his experiences, problems, feelings and emotions.

Besides, patients have to conduct constant work on themselves – you can’t get rid of depression without it.

How to overcome depression?

  • Do not make any important decisions during the period of depression – for example, about selling estate, dismissal from work, divorce from a loved one. The fact is that depressed patients are often unable to adequately assess the decisions made. So, only restoring their psychoemotional background, they understand their mistake and again “fall” into depression – a vicious circle;
  • Try to avoid stress. Even a small load on the psychological state of a person susceptible to depression can lead to development of a serious condition;
  • Take care of your body. During depression, there is a decline not only of spiritual, but also of physical forces – the body is literally exhausted. Therefore, as soon as a person feels relief, he should organize the load on the body. They should be minimal – just put the house in order, water the flowers or cook dinner. Later the loads should be increased, but in the most gentle mode;
  • Eat delicious food. As soon as you have an appetite (depression usually reduces appetite), cook your favorite dishes – this will help restore a sense of joy and pleasure. Depression weakens immunity, so doctors recommend including fruit in the menu;
  • Get rid of negative thoughts. As soon as some unpleasant thoughts appear, you need to distract – read a book, listen to cheerful or relaxing music, call / meet with friends;
  • Contact your psychotherapist regularly. Be sure to tell the expert about your new emotions and mood changes – only in this case you can get qualified and timely help with depression;
  • Talk to your friends and relatives. Even if this is a burden, even if you have no mood for that – do not remain alone with your problem! Support of relatives, even simple conversations on abstract topics will return you back to society quickly and help cope with depression.

Myths about depression

Myths about Depression

Depression refers to mental disorders and is surrounded by numerous myths. Doctors easily refute them with competent arguments. Canadian Pharmacy reviews the most popular myths about depression.

1. Depression is not a disease but unwillingness to work / make important decisions / cope with problems.

In fact, depression is a disease – there are depression causes and symptoms of development. Depression often leads to severe consequences resulting in a fatal outcome. And this is not the flu or cold, the rules of treatment are known to everyone! You can’t cope with depression with the help of relatives or friends – you need to visit a doctor.

2. To have a depression means to be a psycho and live in a madhouse – and it’s such a shame.

Disease is not a disgrace, but a circumstance which does not depend on the person. This statement applies to depression, so you should not be ashamed. People diagnosed with depression are usually not treated in clinics or psychiatric hospitals, but sanatoria. People get into a psychiatric hospital only after several reported cases of suicide attempts – this happens rarely with the proper treatment of depression.

3. Depression is not curable. The disease remains for life.

Doctors have their own statistics – the disorder can be completely treated. If the patient gets adequate treatment, the disease does not return.

4. Canadian Pharmacy antidepressants used to treat depression are dangerous to health.

Antidepressants have some side effects: a decrease in sexual desire, increased appetite, headaches, nausea. Most patients are afraid of increased appetite and believe that they can quickly gain excess weight. But some forms of depression provoke a significant increase of appetite even without medication. And if someone is worried about reduced potency – patients are not able to be sex giants during periods of depression. Besides, at the end of antidepressants therapy, side effects disappear and health is restored, but depression can last for years. You can buy generic antidepressants online (Prozac, Wellbutrin SR, Lexapro, Zoloft, Desyrel, Lithium) at Canadian Pharmacy.

5. Antidepressants provoke drug dependence.

Some types of the mentioned medicines can really cause dependency, but modern antidepressants do not cause dependence (sometimes only psychological).

6. You can take Canadian Pharmacy antidepressants at any time.

This is a very big mistake! Many patients decide to cancel antidepressant therapy as soon as they feel better. Often this occurs at the very peak of treatment – this can lead to a new wave of depression in a more severe form.

Depression is not just a bad mood and laziness, but a real disease. It can be successfully treated only under control of professional doctors.